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Guest Appearance w/ The eMilitia

I was invited on to talk anime and brought our boy, Ace, with me. This was a subject that had been weighing on my mind for some time. A lot of times when we talk about Libertarianism or morality in general, we are faced with a question of whether or not it is right to…More

Hodling vs. Diversification

Decided to write this after hearing that my friend Rollo Mcfloogle had been on Lions of Liberty to debate this topic. I’m sure Rollo did great but I am writing this before listening to make sure that I’m not just “live tweeting” my own responses to his debate. I was almost drug into this very…More

Intentional Community is Back in Session!

Had a really good time as always talking to my friends Jacob and Jared The Permie Guy at this month’s round table. Since we’ve decided as a group to do some reading, I thought it would be a good idea to start documenting references made. Books:The Fourth Turning by Strauss et al.Restoration Agriculture by Mark…More

Donation Drive – Muscadine Season!

Hey y’all, so I need to raise a bit of money to get another batch of muscadine mead going. Plan is to be a five gallon batch if I can swing it which is the 24 bottle set below. My Goal:A five gallon batch of the Chimera Muscadine Mead at 13-14% ABV. Same recipe as…More


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Agora Brewing is an online persona and hobbyist website. My main gig is participating in the fundraising for FreeRoss.org at a camping event called Chillderburg. As part of my commitment to Chillderburg, I’ve added a live component to the brand where I will be streaming brew day in an effort to provide transparency and accountability for all the promises I make.

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