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Chillderburg III – Beer Haul/Lost and Found

What a weekend! Been a busy bee since getting back from Chillderburg this year and wanted to get something fun out for you all to commemorate the trip. As you may have heard, Libertarians and Anarchists in our crowd tend to do a really good job of cleaning up after themselves and respecting the places…More

Aristotle Vs Stirner

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of Max Stirner and his major work The Ego and His Own. I’ve always had trouble making my point as to why I think he was such an important contributor to anarchist thought, which I assume stems from the fact that every time I brought…More

Goodbye, Twitter

I’m deleting twitter for good this weekend. And the real way. I’m not giving it a chance to be reactivated because I’m leaving it on with a randomized password and deleting the password and logging out on all devices. So, twitter is like going to the bar. Lots of your friends are there but it’s…More

Mead Mondays 3-6-21

Apologies again for not being able to run the stream last night. Aside from some lingering pain, I believe all other health issues to be resolved and we can go a great while with no issues moving forward. Today, I did a little work on two batches – the Wildflower Traditional Mead, and the Indian…More


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About Me

Agora Brewing is an online persona and hobbyist website. My main gig is participating in the fundraising for FreeRoss.org at a camping event called Chillderburg. As part of my commitment to Chillderburg, I’ve added a live component to the brand where I will be streaming brew day in an effort to provide transparency and accountability for all the promises I make.

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